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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Netherland Dwarf : Black Otter vs Blue Otter


Today I paired my Netherland Dwarf otter junior bucks in a photoshoot session. Although they're both males, they still look nice together because their age are almost the same. The black otter is only 4 days younger than the blue otter. I bought the black otter from B.Berry Rabbitry while the blue otter was born in my own Reko Rabbitry. These are some of their best photos...

Here are their profiles :

1. Black Otter :

- Name : B.Berry's Duke

- Sex : Buck

- D.O.B. : 28th August 2010

- Pedigree : 3 generations

- Ear Length : 1.65 inches

- Weight : 800 grammes ( 1.76 lbs)

2. Blue Otter :

- Name : Reko's .............. (no name yet)

- Sex : Buck

- D.O.B. : 24th August 2010

- Pedigree : 1 generation

- Ear Length : 1.69 inches

- Weight : 600 grammes (1.32 lbs)

Can you tell me, which one is your choice? The Black Otter or the Blue Otter? Wassalam...


  1. Askm. Both are good...I'm prefer black otter...more photogenic with short ear and round head...Hopefully will produce future nice young....
    By the way, could u advise on how t measure their ear length?.

  2. W'salam. Thanx for the comment. To measure the ear length, put a ruler in between the ears. Then, measure the length from the head skull until the end of the ear.