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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The peanut has passed away...


The only peanut among my Netherland Dwarf litters passed away this morning. It only survived for 3 days. These are the picture of it which I snap as soon I discover the death...Alfatihah...Ameen.

Now, only 4 babies left. 3 of them looks likely to be black otter and the other one maybe blue or blue otter. 2 of the black otter most probably will be true dwarf. I hope all 4 of them will grow in perfect health and conditions. Wassalam.


  1. mati juga akhirnya ya..mmg xpnjg umur..yg sya ritu pun mati seko..tggal 3 ekor..skrg sihat2 dan gemuk

  2. Kalau peanut, memang takkan hidup lama. Biasanya takkan lebih 3 hari. sebab ususnya tak berfungsi..ini ada kaitan dengan masalah genetik baka dwarf.