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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just want to share their latest photos...


I don't have anything much to write. I just want to share the latest pictures of my latest rabbits which I just brought into my rabbitry this week. They are a trio of 3-generations pedigreed Holland Lop which just arrived from USA on Wednesday, and also 2 Netherland Dwarf does (a proven doe and a junior doe). Both the Netherland Dwarf does are black otter colored and comes with 3-generations pedigree. The proven doe was imported from USA by B Berry Rabbitry about 9 months ago and she's the mother of my B Berry's Duke. These are their photos :

DG's Roku
Holland Lop Sr. Buck

DG's Ricca
Holland Lop Sr. Doe

BFE's Reiko
Holland Lop Sr. Doe

Amazing's Idy
Netherland Dwarf Sr. Doe

B Berry's Duchess

Netherland Dwarf Jr. Doe