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Thursday, February 24, 2011

In the nestbox...

Right now in Reko Rabbitry, we have 2 occupied nestboxes. The first one is Minnie's nestbox, full with 4 Netherland Dwarf babies of various colours. And the second one is Amazing's Iddy's nestbox with a little solid black baby inside it.
These are the pictures of Minnie's babies :
ND14 : Black Otter.

ND15 : Chestnut.

ND16 : Colour to be confirmed.
ND17 : Colour to be confirmed.

And these are the pictures of the very special, the only baby of Amazing's Iddy :

ND18 : Black


  1. mak aii..comel2nya baby n.d cikgu kali ni....

  2. ND15 more likes red, ND16 likes cream and ND17 likes blue tort.

    rabbit coat color is pretty much confusing...

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I've asked a few friends who have more knowledge and experience, and they said the ND16 maybe sable chichillas or chocolate chinchillas. ND17 maybe sable marten or lilac otter. Just wait a few more weeks to find out what they really turn out to be.

  5. Black otter is a keeper!

  6. Maybe Tim. But they're not full-pedigreed except for the solid black. So, I will likely let go all except the solid black.

  7. ya ALLAH.. comelnyeeeee...... geyam lak tgk ^_^

  8. WOW !!!
    This is gorgeous stock photography , I really like it.