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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sales Policy

Please read my terms and conditions before inquiring about my rabbits.
Pricing and Guarantee
Sales Policy :
  1. You are responsible to check the rabbit over / asking questions before you buy / pick up the rabbit! ( Please check the teeth, sex, faults, temperament and health conditions ).
  2. I do not guarantee temperament, show potential, reproduction or quality of their offspring. I also cannot guarantee adult weight (as weight also depends on how you feed them and genetic - dwarf gene ).
  3. Health is guaranteed for 48 hours only. If the rabbit fall sick within 48 hours from pick up time, I will replace with a new rabbit of equal value (only if the rabbit is proven sick from my rabbitry, not from improper handling or care on your part). This does not include injuries received after the rabbit leaves my care. I do not give refund. The replacement will be done after confirmation from a Vet that I recognize and when the replacement rabbit is available.
  4. A person MUST buy a buck before buying a does from me (limited to 2 does per buck). This is to encourage pure breeding and to maintain clean bloodlines.
  5. The rabbits that will be available for sale are 8 weeks old onward, not less than that.
  6. I will not guarantee you that the rabbits sold are productive as productivity can be affected by other factors around the environment. Everyone maintains their rabbits in different manners and conditions so that I don't have any power to control the productivity of the rabbits. But I will always available for any suggestions or assistance on any problem that may be encountered.
  7. I will not guarantee what will happen to dilute rabbits and on does in long term. The nails on dilute rabbits change with weather and age. So, I cannot guarantee what will happen to the dilute rabbits' nails in long term, but it should be OK at the time of sale. I also cannot guarantee that a doe will not develop a dewlap.
  8. Rabbits are not considered sold until a 50% non-refundable deposit is received.
  9. PICK UP : Rabbits should be picked up on the agreed date and time. You shall be responsible to inform me for any adjustments within an appropriate time. If the rabbits are not picked up on the agreed date, and you don't inform me for any changes, your payments/deposits will be forfeited and the rabbits will be available for sale. So, make sure you inform me if you want me to hold the rabbits a little longer.

*ALL rabbits are sold with PEDIGREE and guaranteed PUREBREED unless stated.


  1. Terbaik..kalau dah cikgu tu..cikgu jugak la..tak habih2 dengan displin dan peraturan...kalau tak ikut mau kena rotan ni...

  2. Ok Cikgu...saya agree...bila dah ready ada anak inform saya - Muz (017-247 0252). 1 buck and 2 does. Thanks

  3. Haha...Mat, sekarang dah takleh rotan murid, nanti kena saman.
    Muz: Wah, up jadi trio plak ye? Ok, boleh2...